Leading Biogas on
the island of Ireland

Stream BioEnergy develops, owns and operates large-scale biogas projects that utilise anaerobic digestion technology to convert organic materials into renewable energy and nutrient rich biofertiliser in a way that safeguards the environment.

Delivering a Secure and Sustainable Clean Energy Future

Today Stream BioEnergy is a leading developer and operator in this market with a vision to create the island of Ireland’s leading biogas company, playing its part in confronting the environmental challenges we face, and delivering a more secure and sustainable clean energy future.


Established 2009

Stream BioEnergy was established in 2009 to develop and operate industrial scale biogas projects on the island of Ireland and has developed large biogas plants in Ireland since then.


Pioneer Point Partners

In 2021 Pioneer Infrastructure Partners invested in Stream BioEnergy to back the creation of the island of Ireland's leading biogas company, bringing with them the expertise and capital to support this vision.